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The Farmhouse Table

The DIY Farmhouse Table How to Save a Bundle on Your Own! I absolutely LOVE the farmhouse table look! The simplicity of this style table is what makes this particular design so incredibly desirable. Further, this is also the reason WHY these tables are so dang expensive at any furniture store. You can expect a table like this at Pottery Barn to be well over a thousand dollars. My husband and I walked into Kirkland's and saw their version of this table for over $900. I am such a tightwad I went looking online for some plans to create our table for WAY LESS.    The Plans We found our table plans on the  Ana White website ! This website gives you everything you need to put this table together. The only difference between the original table plans and our table is that we needed to adjust the length of our table to fit our dining area. Our table is the same width but is 59" in length, rather than the 8' that hers is.    Putting the Plan Into Action! So here we go! We took our p

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