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Addressing Kid Issues as the "Step Mom"

 Addressing Kid Issues as the "Step Mom" and How to Approach Your Spouse We have all seen Disney movies. You know, the ones where the evil stepmother is so mean to the kind and loving child who has a heart of gold and can sing to birds and mice? Yea, that is what stepmom has been categorized as for the last six decades. Frustrating, right?  Fast forward in my own life, a divorce, and a re-marriage later, I am now the sstepmomBlending a family has a massive set of challenges that cannot possibly all be addressed in one single stay tuned here. However, one of the most controversial issues in our home is approaching my spouse when an issue arises regarding my stepchildren.  Being a teacher, I see many things in kids that their own parents do not see. Understanding this concept, when my husband sees things in my girls that I do not see (most of the time), I don't get too upset. Address the issue, try to make it better, and move on. Reasons for Potential "Bad Fe

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